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Anatomy of a Frame

Scroll over the frames below to view labels.

Nose Pads

These are usually connected to the lens and support the frame on the bridge of your nose. They hold the frame in place and can be adjusted to fit properly and be comfortable. Nose pads can be hard or made of soft silicone, they are usually found on metal frames but occasionally will be on a plastic frame.


The area located over the nose that connects the lenses together. The bridge can have different shapes and sizes. It is important that this part of the frame fits correctly and is not to wide or narrow.


The part of the frame that holds the prescription. Lenses can be made from many different materials such as plastic, polycarbonate and high index. The right type of material depends upon the frame style and the strength of the prescription. All kids must have polycarbonate, a shatterproof plastic that naturally blocks 99% of the sun's UV rays. It is light-weight and impact resistant.


The hinge is the part of the frame that connects the temple to the frame front. They are usually connected with a screw but some frames have a unique hinge without a screw. The hinge can be solid or have a spring that flexes back and in some cases will help avoid breakage.


The temple is sometimes referred to as the arm and connects to the frame by a hinge. It extends over the ear and is the main support that holds the frame on your face. The temple folds and is unfortunately, the part of the frame that breaks most often.

Temple Tips

This is usually found on the end of a metal frame. It covers the back portion of the temple and is designed for comfort. This is the part of the frame that gets chewed the most!

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